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There are precious few times in your career where you meet someone so utterly impactful to your business as Prabhakar.

Stephen Nichols

CEO, GameSalad

Prabhakar is one of the most brilliant strategists and creative thinkers I have ever worked with.

Angela Vasquez

Chief Revenue Officer, Khorus Software

PG always comes with a point of view and creative ideas and never fails to leave behind a set of resources and avenues of research that long survive his engagement. 

Erik Huddleston

CEO, Trendkite Inc

Prabhakar is a fantastic thought partner possessing a rare ability to span all the way from strategic insight to tactical delivery.

Stuart Morstead

COO & Co-Founder, Arundo Inc

Prabhakar is one of the most disciplined holistic critical thinkers that I have had the pleasure to work with during my career.

Jim Stikeleather

Chief Innovation Officer, Futurist, Dell Inc

Prabhakar revolutionized the way the team thought about product marketing and its impact on the bottom line.

Mark Interrante

SVP, Engineering, HP Enterprise