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The Growth PM Workshop

Cutting Edge Training

for Growth Focused Product Managers & Product Marketers

  • Boot camp style – Focused & Intensive
  • 8 Modules on Product Management & Marketing for SaaS
  • Understand growth based on Company and Context
  • Identify the Ideal Customer
  • Create positioning, messaging and differentiation
  • Effective user stories and prototypes
  • Manage and prioritize requirements backlog
  • Build and execute a Go-To-Market plan
  • Design a high conversion, predictable revenue funnel
  • Map and measure the Customer Value Stream
  • Communicate for success
  • Tools, Processes, Frameworks and Resources galore!

Workshop Alumni

Workshop Testimonials

For product-focused companies who want great product managers, send them to the workshop. This training provided more takeaway value than any workshop or conference I’ve ever attended.

Chuck Phipps

If you think your company or your product is exceptional, invest your time and money in this workshop. It will do more in the shortest amount of time to help you become the exceptional product manager your company and product deserve than anything else I can recommend.

Peter John Marquez

Can’t tell you how great it was to be given a framework for someone in my position. Very inspiring. More comprehensive than competitive programs. As a younger member of the class, I feel I was able to internalize and implement many of the aspects covered in course at a foundational level for our new company.

Chris Brown

Our team was stuck in the day to day functions of product management, this workshop opened our eyes to the big picture of product management and all the forces that drive it!

Michael Crawford

PG is the renaissance man who can provide you with a holistic perspective and a life-time worth of cutting-edge knowledge in product management.

Anna Katrina Davey

It was an inspiring trove of secrets, information, and industry best practices, all of which were extremely relevant to my daily operations at my workplace. After the workshop commenced, I was eager to put all of that material to good use.

Nick Prokesch

If you’re looking for conventional product management training, this workshop isn’t for you. But if you want refreshing, outside-the-box insights to take you to the next level of product management, Prabhakar’s workshop is the ticket.

Roger Cauvin

The workshop takes a holistic view of product management. Prabhakar brings unique insights to each aspect and gives you the tools and resources to supercharge your product management.

Damon Clinkscales

Prabhaker is a Craftsman Product Manager with a passion for sharing his knowledge. I found the two-day course to be informative and rewarding. You leave the course with a valuable resource base that will be useful to any Product Manager.

David Worthington

Good primer for Product Managers and aspiring startups about process methodology. Really recommended for anyone interested or currently working in product development.

Shashi Bhattad

The workshop was a great experience. It raised the standard of what it means to be a Product Manager, and equipped those who want to be the top 1% of their field. Prabhakar clearly exhibits his ability and experience to not only do a great job in Product himself, but had user case scenarios from the real world that helped me, and the students see how the examples applied to us. Not only this, but being in a room of other Product Managers who believe mediocracy isn’t acceptable was an encouragement. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their product management skills to the next level.

Mark Stephan

As a relatively new product manager, the craftsman product management course was time very well spent. I feel well equipped to handle the diverse challenges that the position demands without letting responsibilities slip through the cracks. I can’t recommend Prabhakar’s holistic approach enough. Thank you.

Chelsea Corbett

Prabhakar is a unicorn among product thinkers. He’s not afraid to think outside the box and challenge the status quo. His unique perspective supercedes the fads and provides true insights into the nature of product management and company building. Highly recommended for anyone working in product or founding a startup.

David Gaultiere

This workshop opened my eyes to the “whole product” by removing blinders and giving me tools to think about my product with a new lens. I wish more of my co-workers had attended to hear first-hand the insights that PG has!

Cindy Blakewell

This workshop is not just for Product Managers, but also for everyone in the Organization. Everyone from Technology, Marketing, Business and Sales would benefit immensely from this course. They will have better overview of what goes in making a Company successful. I felt this workshop as MBA Product Management in two days with the material that is going to help me life long!!

Sunil Guduru

Disruptive thinking in the field of product management. This class opened my eyes to many aspects of the role that I had not even contemplated.

Anand Narayanan

PG is the epitome of a craftsman PM. He is extremely knowledgable; he clearly knows and deeply understands his craft.

Ron Timoshenko

The best thing about the workshop is that you don’t just have two immersive days that come and go to think about your craft; but you’re given a wealth of books, tools, work models, and inspiration to take with you so that the value from this workshop can last weeks, months, years, or even your lifetime if you apply many the principles Prabhakar shares.

Jessica Paris

A holistic approach to product management. A lot of great useful information that can be easily applied to day to day and long term activities. Highly recommend for technology driven product managers.

Anderson Hungria

A great course on Product Management with tools and frameworks that will make you more effective in your job no matter your level of experience.

Bill Gravette

The Craftsman Product Manager workshop was a great primer for any product manager getting started in the software industry. The tools and problem solving frameworks I walked away with were worth the cost alone.

Trent Miskelly

These 2-days helped to reaffirm my current product management processes and highlighted a number of additional tools and strategies that I will start incorporating into my practice. Prabhakar is a true Product Management Craftsman and I am grateful that he brought his training to New York.

Chelsea Power

Craftsman PM is an excellent class, providing a holistic perspective on what it takes to be a great product manager. True to the theme of continuous learning, Prabhakar draws on a wide variety of resources and experiences to demonstrate many aspects of successful product management. Whether you are interested in applying principles of lean startup or deepening your skills in product positioning and corporate strategy, I would highly recommend this course.

William Ball



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