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Modern Growth PM Workshops

With his innovative workshop, PG helped the product management and product marketing teams to come up to speed with modern SaaS techniques, tools, and skills. His workshop was instrumental in preparing for the move to SaaS. It helped us understand how core product functions need to change their mindset about product building and messaging. Since the workshop, my team has put into practice many learnings including new tools, lightweight processes, and a startup mindset to getting things done. I would recommend PG’s workshop to product teams at small and large companies looking to uplift their skills and make a positive impact on their product and company.

Narayan Bharadwaj

Sr. Director of Products, VMware

Common Challenges in B2B SaaS

  • Defining the role of Product Management & Product Marketing
  • End-to-end understanding of the SaaS Growth Funnel
  • Establishing a common vocabulary among Product teams
  • Instrumenting and measuring the Customer Journey & Value Stream
  • Business model transformation or adaptation for SaaS unit economics
  • Lack of best-in-class process and practitioner insights
  • Establishing true Customer Success functional roles

How we address these challenges

  • Pre-workshop discovery consulting to understand your organization’s unique background
  • Eight core modules customized to unravel your SaaS value stream
  • Real case studies and growth benchmarks
  • Lightweight-process guidance
  • Analytics and tools discussions, product demos
  • Messaging and go-to-market infrastructure recommendations
  • Core SaaS KPIs and success metrics

More Corporate Workshop Testimonials

The workshop was extremely valuable for me, even as an experienced product manager with over 12 years of experience in the industry. I learned a lot about the latest concepts, process, metrics and tools focused on growing a successful SaaS service business.

Marc Umeno

Sr. Product Line Manager

PG has mastered the tools and methodologies required to succeed in a SaaS 3.0 world. I highly recommend his workshops to anyone looking to improve their product management skills.

Matt Dreyer

Group Product Manager

If you're going into SaaS, take this workshop before you write your first line of code.

Oren R

Sr. Product Line Manager

Huge eye opener, excellent content, and inspirational for companies making the making the leap to SaaS. No matter where you are in your company's SaaS journey (perpetual to SaaS, SaaS 1.0 to SaaS 2.0, etc), PG has an incredible pulse and knowledge of the latest thinking, practices, and tools that can bring that extra edge to your product development and go-to-market outcome.

Julie Noh

Sr. Director, ISV Sales

SaaS is a new way of thinking for so many and requires change. PG can be the trigger you need to drive that change.

Nick B

Director, SaaS Customer Success

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